• Arts & Crafts

  • Baking

  • Science Projects

  • Classrooms

  • Public Restrooms

  • Potty Training

  • Kids with Sensory Needs

  • Chores

  • Dog Cleanup

  • Anywhere Germy!

  • Latex-Free

  • Powder Free

  • Easy On & Easy Off

  • Lightweight & Very Comfortable

  • Embossed Surface for
    Better Grip

  • Pediatrician Recommended

  • Choice of 50 Pack & 100 Pack


  • Protects from Nasty Germs & Harmful Paints/Dyes

  • Quick, Easy & Safe Protection for Kids’ Hands

  • Saves Time for Clean Up - Throw the Mess Away!

  • Convenient to Use Anywhere, Anytime

  • Environmentally Responsible
    (No Water Needed for Clean Up)

  • Protective Barrier Promotes Peace of Mind that Children’s Hands are Protected

  • Fun for Kids


gLovies for baking
gLovies for baking
gLovies for messy projects
gLovies for gardening
gLovies for gardening
gLovies for gardening
gLovies for quick clean up
gLovies for gardening

"Glovies are the Best! I have used them for arts and crafts, baking and planting flowers in the garden with my toddlers. They love to have fun and not get their little hands dirty. And gLovies are the perfect fit and don't fall off like other inferior brands I have tried. Every school, parent and grandparent should have a box of Glovies available." B L