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Welcome to the new gLovies!

Welcome to the new gLovies website! I'm Josephine and I'm thrilled you have taken the time to check us out. I’m very excited, as this has been a labor of love for me just like the gLovies themselves. I have created the My Mom Knows Best Blog to "pay it forward" by sharing the lessons I've learned throughout my life.

I wear many hats...I'm a mom, business owner, radio host and soon-to-be author. Like many of you, I live a hectic life and am constantly juggling family and work. I hope that this will become a place for new moms, seasoned moms and other caregivers to come for great tips and tricks that can simplify lives. You'll see how gLovies help save time and money so we can focus on having fun with our kids.

I will be touching on lots of topics such as:

  • What I wish I would have known 10 years ago when my kids were little.

  • How a well managed household brings peace into all people living under one roof.

  • Some things I've learned juggling home and work life.

  • Some of my favorite apps and must-read books.

  • The importance of being resilient when life throws you a curveball.

And of course, I'll be showing lots of ways gLovies can bring happiness to your family!

I welcome your feedback on everything that is posted here. We love comments! We are always looking for guest bloggers and love to see pictures of how you use gLovies. We also promise to respond to your comments in the best way we can. Thanks again for jumping on board and welcome to the gLovies family. We look forward to getting to know you better.

Keep on the lookout for upcoming contests. Sign up for our newsletter!

Warm regards,

Josephine Geraci

Founder of My Mom Knows Best, Inc.

Creator of gLovies

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